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Iqra Aziz

Iqra (Pakistani drama actress) was born in 24 November,1997 in Karachi. She is 21 years old brilliant actress. Her height is 1.45m that is 4.9 feet. Iqra is looking very pretty in this height of 4.9 feet. She is very smart and not look tiny.  Iqra has much flexibility in her body. She also looking very beautiful even without makeup. I think her real beauty is in without makeup.

She has three family members that is Iqra aziz’s mother and Iqra elder sister Sidra Aziz. There is only one sibling of iqra’s. Iqra mother is very hardworking lady she do much struggle as a single parent. She has small but very happy family life. She has mentioned that she has single parent and her father was died in her childhood. Iqra studied the Bachelors in Commerce from University of Karachi. She proves with her struggle, hardworking and confident that Nothing is impossible.

Iqra Aziz
Iqra Aziz

Iqra Aziz Career:

She also received two awards of best actress at hum Awards. Iqra Engaged with Yasir Hussain in july 2019 at Lux style awards. Her age is 21 years and Yasir Hussain is 38 years. Yasir Hussain is also brilliant actor. He worked in Pakistani film industry. Iqra and Yasir Hussain walked on ramp of 16th edition of HUM BRIDAL WEEK. Both are best Friends before engagement. Iqra acted her first drama in 2014 kissy apna kahein at the age of 17. She is brilliant actress.She work in famous dramas in Suno chanda.

Dramas of Iqra Aziz:

Following are the dramas

  • Tabeer(2018)
  • Ranjha Ranjha kerdi,(2019)
  • Qurban(2018)
  • gairat(2018)
  • Natak,(2016)
  • Choti si Zindagi(2016)
  • Socha na tha (2016)
  • Gustakh Ishq(2017)

Social Media Accounts:

twitter id’s is IqraAziz13, instagram is iiqraaziz ,facebook is IqraAzizofficial1 and snapchat is patakhaguddi.

Images of Iqra Aziz :

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Iqra Aziz
iqra aziz and yasir husian
Iqra Aziz (Actress)
Iqra and yasir

Iqra and Yasir Engagement :

In Lux style award 2019 Yasir husian proposed Iqra in live audience and wear it the ring of engagement. And Iqra accepted his proposal and the both engaged.

Iqra on Tv Shows:

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